Nick Spreads Holiday Cheer at Scholastics Bookstore

Earlier today Nick went to the Scholastic store in Manhattan and surprised the sales team for Scholastic books. He wanted to thank them for all their hard work not just in helping bring to life the Christmas holiday book starring his children but also for their work with making sure every child learns and loves to read. Following his visit with the staff he met with some fans of the smaller variety. He sat down with a group and little children and read aloud "Roc and Roe's 12 Days of Christmas". The children were enraptured with the story and Nick shouting out questions and comments and even reading along with the story as it got to the higher numbers. Below is video of him with the kids as well as photos with fans who came despite the ran to meet Nick and have their picture taken as well as receive a custom autographed copy of the book. While meeting fans Nick was presented with a very special bow tie by one particular fan which he opted to sport for the rest of the day. You can check out photos from today at A video posted by Nick Cannon Archives (@ncannonarchives) on Dec 12, 2014 at 11:03am PST