Mel B: ‘I Couldn’t Stop Laughing’ About Nick Cannon’s Prank on America’s Got Talent

Tonight is an all new episode of the hottest summer show on tv, AGT.Judge Mel B discussed on her blog her favorite acts from the premiere and of course one of her favorite acts was Nick's epic "Larry the Mime" prank.Check out what Mel thought of Nick's act. And in case you missed it check out the Nick's prank below."I couldn’t stop laughing about Nick Cannon‘s mime prank! If you watch the episode, I’m just laughing my head off. As soon as he got near the desk I kind of knew it was him, even though Howie was being a complete girl and trying to hide behind me. He was going, “Security!” and kind of wimped out. But as soon as he got up to the desk I was like, “That’s Nick Cannon.”Look at the time and effort and energy he put into it. He got his face completely remolded, and that doesn’t take two minutes; that takes hours. And then, his mime wasn’t actually that bad. Who knew that he could mime? He was telling us all, “You can’t tell me how to mime! What do you guys know?” It was funny, very funny" .