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Nick Cannon hosts and executive produces new daytime talk show.


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Nick is gracing Variety magazine's July 2020 cover.

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Many 2020 graduates across the country were unable to walk across the stage to collect their diplomas due to the coronavirus epidemic, Nick included as he

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Check out Nick's latest poem "I Can't Breathe...Again" inspired by the recent murder of George Floyd. 


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I had to go to Minneapolis. I needed to be right there on 38th Street and Chicago where George Floyd’s life was tragically stolen from him.

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The conclusion of the 40th season of Survivordelivered the show's best finale ratings since fall 2017, giving CBS an across-the-board win Wednesday. The Ma

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New Music Friday! Ncredible Gang releases it's all new music video for Nick Cannon's latest track MADOFF Friday March 27! Check it out on Youtube Now!

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Nick Cannon & Ncredible Entertainment’s latest film “She Ball” was selected to be featured in the 2020 Pan African Film Festival.