Throughout music history there has been a significant influence from boy bands.Beginning in the days of the British Invasion with the Beatles, continuing to Motown with the Jackson 5 and spanning to the 90s with N*Sync, boy bands have taken music to new heights. Enter 4Count, the newest addition to the boy band legacy, geared for superstardom.

4Count began with Adam and Kieran Ackerman. The brothers were cast for a video in Nick Cannon’s female group, School Gyrls. In the video the brothers came alive on camera as their passion was seen and felt as background dancers. Raised in California, Adam Ackerman has been dancing since he was 11. The now 18-year old recalls being at the party of a family friend and being coaxed into intimidating Michael Jackson. “I was always the class clown,” Adam recalls. He put on the signature white glove and a hat, shocking everyone with his dance moves. Adam enrolled in dance courses and soon faced the dilemma of having to choose between pursuing soccer or dance. He says, “I just instantly loved dance and knew I loved it more than soccer.” The decision was made and a dancer was born.

Younger Ackerman, Kieran, 16, watched his older brother excel in dance and soon followed in his footsteps getting involved at age 13. “I’d always have to be dragged to Adam’s dance competitions and to studios.” Kieran remembers, “Just seeing all the passion and hard work he [Adam] put in really piqued my interest and made me want to perform.” The brothers continued training in tap, ballet, lyrical, and a strong focus in hip- hop. When Adam’s friend in School Gyrls cast them in the video, their skills caught Nick Cannon’s eye, who was looking to form a boy band for the next generation. He scheduled a meeting with the brothers who showcased their ability to dance and the first half of 4Count was born.

Aaron Scott fell in love with music by the way of drums, starting in junior high as the drummer at his church. With drumming genius Tony Royster, Jr. serving as his hero, the California native started a Pop/Rock band with his brothers. His love for the drums was matched with his desires to sing and dance. Once he completed high school, Aaron became the mascot for his college football team. “I learned a lot about crowd involvement,” he says. He also began utilizing YouTube as a place to share videos of him and his best friend singing and dancing, these videos were seen by gospel artist, Tye Tribett who then hired Aaron as a background singer/dancer. Once Tye’s tour was over, Aaron knew that singing and dancing was something he wanted to pursue as a career. He heard that Nick Cannon was holding a casting call; he went and auditioned, singing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. An hour and a half after the audition, he called and told Aaron he would be a member of 4Count. Recounting the moment Aaron says, “I was like, ‘what just happened?’ The entire weekend was a blur.”

While only two of 4Count’s members are biological brothers, the boys of 4Count all consider each other family. “We’re a really close band,” says Aaron. “I consider them all my best friends.” While Ben and Aaron carry the reigns on the singing front as lead vocalists, Adam and Kieran complete the quartet with their stellar dancing. “I felt like this was my second chance to pursue my singing,” Adam comments. “Maybe this was the sign that I am doing what I am supposed to.”

Since their inception 4Count has progressively been building toward bigger and better things. Their debut single, “Good to be Bad” mixes Pop and R&B with slick wordplay and hip-hop dance in their video. Their appearance on “America’s Got Talent” with rap duo, New Boyz was met with rave reviews. With good looks and even greater talent, 4Count is ready to become music’s next biggest stars. Their natural-born knacks for singing and dancing will not only extend the timeline of their talented predecessors, but will change the face of Pop music as we know it. “I really respect that Nick Cannon has put so much faith into us,” Kieran said on behalf of the group, “We are not going to let him down.”