By NickCannonArchives on May 15, 2014

Alexandra Shipp(House of Anubis) will star in the TV movie follow-up to Nick Cannon's 2002 feature film, which also has cast five supporting players.

By NickCannonArchives on May 13, 2014

Nick sat down with CNN producer and fellow lupie Lauren Lee-Johnson during the Walk to End Lupus Now in Washington, DC about his own diagnosis with the disease and why he continues to strive to fight for a cure to the

By NickCannonArchives on May 10, 2014

Nick Cannon has a lot on his plate these days.

By NickCannonArchives on May 06, 2014

On June 25th, Nick alongside Jeri Lynne Johnson, Dr. Steve Perry and the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation are being honored by the Community Angel Foundation.

By NickCannonArchives on May 05, 2014

San Francisco's #1 station 99.7 NOW brought back their famed High School Takeover and asked Nick to help out.

By NickCannonArchives on May 05, 2014

On Thursday (May 1) Nick joined a group of distinguished actors, politicians, businessmen and athletes as he was inducted into the Boys and Girls Club of America Hall of Fame.

By NickCannonArchives on May 01, 2014

San Francisco, Nick is coming through to get Infusion Lounge rocking tomorrow night, May 2nd.

Don't miss Nick's always hot DJ set and live performance.

By NickCannonArchives on May 01, 2014

This morning the list of nominees for the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards was released and among them is our favorite host with the most, Nick!

By NickCannonArchives on April 28, 2014

The 4th of July is the most explosive week of the year is also about to be the funniest.

Nick's feature film directorial debut has a release date.

By NickCannonArchives on April 24, 2014

You've heard her on Nick Cannon's hot track "Dance Floor" and today she's released her first single titled "FWU" from her soon-to-be released EP.