By NickCannonArchives on August 15, 2016

By NickCannonArchives on August 11, 2016

Following his on-air chat with CNBC's Squawk Box Nick spoke with CNBC Make It correspondent Marguerite Ward. 

By NickCannonArchives on August 10, 2016

Nick visited CNBC's Squawk Box yesterday where he was asked about his take on the election, Black Lives Matter and the possibility of the first female president.

By NickCannonArchives on August 05, 2016

Nick stopped by the Breakfast Club and talked about the return of Wild N Out season 8 to MTV and all the other projects on his plate.

By NickCannonArchives on August 02, 2016

Nick and the Wild N Out crew went ham in the studio and dropped the "WildnOut: WildStyle Vol.1" mixtape.

By NickCannonArchives on July 30, 2016

Nick Cannon spoke with The Source magazine on politics, his film King of the Dancehall premiering at the Toronto Film Festival and more.

By NickCannonArchives on July 26, 2016

Nick's star-studded film "King of the Dancehall" will make it's worldwide premiere at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival.

By NickCannonArchives on July 24, 2016

Nick sits down with Wall Street Journal's Lee Hawkins and discusses his latest business ventures, the Black Lives Matter movement and his spoken word.

By NickCannonArchives on July 23, 2016

Nick continues to show his commitment to helping and supporting the causes that give back to the youth and the community.