Nick Shares His Entreprenurial & Tech Mash-up at SXSW Interactive

Nick took part in an exclusive "fireside" chat put together by MVMT 50 yesterday (February 9) at The Hilton Garden Room inside the Colorado Room at SXSW Interactive. During the chat Nick gave his take on being an entrepreneur and how technology affects it especially in regards to his own brand. He also discussed his upcoming Ncredible Tablet which will make its debut on QVC the morning of April 12th. Below are some of the tweets sent out by attendees from the chat as well as photos from the event. If you don't take risks you are not an entrepreneur. - Nick Cannon @msmarypryor #SXSW #MVMT50— Xina Eiland (@xeiland) March 9, 2014 "At first they think you're crazy. When it pays off they think you're brilliant" -Nick Cannon #sxsw— Franchesca Ramsey (@chescaleigh) March 9, 2014 .@NickCannon on #BlackSocialTV: "Sometimes our conversation is more entertaining than the content" #sxsw #MVMT50— Sherri Williams (@SherriWrites) March 9, 2014 Nick Cannon on mobile content: "I'll let Oprah have the tv networks & I'm developing content for the screens the kids are watching" #sxsw— Franchesca Ramsey (@chescaleigh) March 9, 2014 .@NickCannon says when #SoulTrain returns he wants it to be done right to protect its legacy "I'm doing this for the culture" #SXSW #MVMT50— Sherri Williams (@SherriWrites) March 9, 2014 .@NickCannon will incorporate #BlackSocialTV into SoulTrain: "We’re doing the #SoulTrain line & the SoulTrain Vine” #MVMT50— Sherri Williams (@SherriWrites) March 9, 2014 "I don't believe in fear, failure is not an option so I'll take the risk" - @nickcannon #MVMTHouse #MVMT50— MVMT50 (@mvmt50) March 9, 2014 "To me success isn't a destination, it's a journey." - @NickCannon #sxYMP #sxswi @ympaustin— Candace Queen (@Candace_D_Queen) March 9, 2014 A tweet sent out by an attendee revealed that Nick stated that the Soul Train re-boot would be aired simultaneously on VH1, BET and NBC. According to reliable sources however this unprecedented merger is as of yet unconfirmed.