Nick is Dubbed The New Grand Hustler

Nick is on the November/December cover of The Hype Magazine.  Check out the interview below. Check out Nick's interview with HYPE Magazine who declared him The New Grand Hustler. Nick Cannon is a phenomenally talented and equally busy entertainment industry dynamo. With more active operations going under his brand than a Special Forces unit on deployment, Cannon is seemingly everywhere at the same time creating new opportunities for himself, his brand and young people in the industry. Nick Cannon has a long and illustrious career in music, film, comedy, producing, directing, acting, fashion...beginning with his first national TV appearance at age 15 on Soul Train to his current roles as creator of the immensely successful comedy improv, variety show, "Wild 'N Out," on the MTV network, host of America's Got Talent and owner of the Soul Train brand. Oh yeah, I said Soul Train and he's bringing it to network television in January of 2014 on NBC! According to Nick, he now OWNS Soul Train, and will produce and host the show. The Hype Magazine caught up with Cannon on a hectic day as he got off the plane and he spent some time with us, talking about his current endeavors, his outlook on his responsibility as a successful businessman and where he looks to be once he's done blazing trails for the next generation; and also what it means to bring back the iconic Soul Train. Asked if he thought we have the caliber of artists that we need to populate the new catalog of Soul Train, Cannon responded "Absolutely, because bringing Soul Train to network television, to NBC, is elevating the brand itself and is also broadening the brand in the sense to where we are definitely a purveyor of the culture and the brand. At the same time, we are going to introduce the brand to a whole new generation. When you think of some of the entertainers today, like everybody from Beyonce to Bruno Mars, there are so many talented young people that may not even have had the opportunity to be on Soul Train, but this new generation can definitely carry that torch. At the same time, we want to educate this generation about the legends that still with us and give them an opportunity to entertain, so it's a platform for people like Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, you know, all the people that are still out there each and every day bringing it like they were bringing it, when Soul Train was first on." Describing the magic that is the 'Cannon Touch' covers quite a bit of creative territory, via his imprint NCredible Entertainment. Nick signed a multi-million dollar multi-year first-look deal with NBC to produce scripted and unscripted content. Enumerating all of his accomplishments at this stage would pretty much take a book however, according to his "America's Got Talent" cast member bio, "When he is not in front of the camera or live audience, Cannon is busy running his highly successful multimedia company NCredible Entertainment, producing TV and film projects, including TeenNick's HALO Awards, MTV docuseries "Son of a Gun", two "School Gyrls" movies and "Ragz," starring Keke Palmer for Nickelodeon and most recently directing his first studio film, "School Dance" for Lionsgate...He also inked a multi-year, multi-million dollar first-look production deal with NBC Networks to develop scripted and unscripted fare and introduced the new sketch comedy show "Incredible Crew," which premiered on Cartoon Network." [] Cannon's Ncredible Entertainment also stays on top of the music game, handling artists such as the New Boyz, Cory Gunz, The Rangers, School Gyrls, boy band 4Count as well as a product line of NCredible branded headphones in conjunction with Monster. "Noted by The New York Times as 'One of the most recognizable personalities in teen media," Cannon also actively serves as the CEO of teen magazine Celebrity High as well as chairman of TeenNick, Nickelodeon's network aimed at the teen audience." [] Here's our conversation with Nick Cannon before he ducked into his hotel to pass out as he had been in meetings and flying around the country all day...Enjoy! What's the best thing for you about the entertainment industry? I got into the entertainment industry mainly to make people smile more than anything and I feel that in my career I get to do that on many different levels and through different aspects of my career whether its in name or TV, movies, music; however I can do it to kind of put a smile on people's face and at the same time being able to give back, I'm a true believer in to whom much is given, much is required. I've been blessed with the opportunity to do so and that is kind of why the course of my career has taken the direction it has. So tell me where you hope to end up, will you be the next Donald Trump or Ted Turner? I like that, I'm not mad at that, and hopefully not with the hairpiece! As a businessman, you have such a collective of things, do you have a favorite activity, I know Wild 'N Out is a great show, my family and I watch it but do you have one that you think is your favorite? Anything in the comedy space honestly, I kind of started [out] doing standup comedy and it's really also become a therapeutic outlet for me. There's so much freedom on the stage and there's no other form of entertainment like it to where, its just you and a microphone and you gotta get up there and entertain. So that's probably the thing that I enjoy the most. As a DJ you appear at Harrah's Casino and you DJ'd President Obama's "Presidential Neighborhood Inaugural Ball" on ABC, are you going to stay grounded in music or do you see yourself leaving music alone because of your other activities? Uh, Nah, that's part of my life, like you said whether it's DJing, whether it's performing, whether it's producing, whether incorporating it into my films or television efforts, music is always gonna be something that, you know, I partake in. As a DJ, what was the first record you scratched? [Laugh] probably "Peter Piper" by Run DMC. I see your music division is handling several artists, most notable for me is Cory Gunz, but you are also working with KPop, how is that working out? Yeah Yeah!!!! We are still developing a Teen Nick show right now for international music show that is surrounded by a KPop group. It kinda starts in that space of young people, anybody doing anything interesting and inspirational, I always kinda keep my eye out for in that sense, so wherever I can help young people in their careers, I kinda look to do that. So with just getting your doctor mandated 6 hours of sleep and running crazy, you are really becoming the sacrificial lamb for the next generation of young people in the entertainment industry? More or less I'm just kind of blazing that trail for the next generation and you know wherever I can help provide opportunities, that's what I'm there for. You are a brand new father; your children are just a couple years old. How do you co-mingle that with your schedule? As you know I'm sure, that family and fatherhood is the number one priority and everything else kind of falls in line after that so every move that you make can no longer be a selfish move; it has to be in consideration of helping provide and raise up a strong healthy family. Now everybody, their cat uncle and dog in the media have interviewed you. Is there one question that you wish someone, a journalist, had asked you but they have never asked? I don't know, being the fact that I do interviews everyday and then of course the amazing world of the internet and TMZ style journalists that you know, as soon as you walk out of the house there's a camera in your face, I think people have probably asked me everything under the moon. But I understand it too because, I'm on the other side of it as well as you know, I've done several interviews and had to interview people on my own so, in that sense, even when I'm being interviewed I just look to kind of convey the message of who I am personally in a fun way. So as you view yourself, tell our readers about Nick Cannon, who IS Nick Cannon? Somebody who doesn't take himself too seriously, somebody who enjoys life, you know, waking up everyday and everything else that happens throughout that day is just icing. As a musician, if you could collaborate with any one artist living or dead, who would that be? Probably Tupac because, growing up he was one of my favorite artists and I felt like he was more than an artist. He was an activist and one of those who embodied the voice of the youth. But like he had a cool quote he said uh..."I may not change the world but I guarantee you, I'll the spark the mind that will change the world" and I always though that was cool and in that statement he was passing the baton and talking to me directly and a whole generation of young people, like "Yo, get out there and change the world" and I always thought that was cool. Tell us about your creative process a comedian I can only imagine what inspires you. Do you have a specific formula, how does it come to you, do you start with a hook or something that happens during the day? You know, it comes from a creative space, I always try to do a concept that is something really unique that others may not have done, but obviously not so far off the mark that doesn't relate to the style of music that's going on. So its kind of a happy medium of being able to be funny, being able to be fun and at the same time being able to be on the pulse of what's going on in music. You and Kevin Hart have a beautiful chemistry on stage, actually the whole cast has a great chemistry but of course the spotlight is on you and Kevin Hart, how did that come together. Kevin is one of those people I came up in the game with and I'm actually, you know, all jokes aside, just super proud of his success at the same time or simultaneously, it allows you to kind of appreciate that other persons' success. Luckily, we get to kind of make fun of each other and make light of a lot of situations and it kind of keeps us grounded more than anything. He and I can look at each other and say, "man this is what we dreamed about and this is what we talked about" when we were looking up to Eddie and Arsenio and Keenan Ivory Wayans and watching how they moved in the generation before us. Now it's our time and lets go ahead and get the most out of this. How do you feel about Arsenio getting back in the network and blessing us again...we needed him! Oh man! I love it so much, I was on there recently and man I told him it was a dream come true for me to even be on his show. But then at the same time, it's needed, it's so needed, it's so on point and he's doing such a phenomenal job. Its good for television, I mean his show is coming back and the fact that I'm producing and now own Soul Train and will be hosting that starting in January and bringing that back to television, all that stuff is so on point. Last but not least, I'd like to ask you our signature question and then I promise I will let you go to sleep...The Hype Magazine would like to know...What is your craziest "Where They Do That At Moment?" [Nick laughs loudly] Man, there are so many of them, I mean wow, I'm trying to think! Well there was one time a few years ago, I was on tour, before I was married, going into my hotel room, I forget what city it was but I want to say it was somewhere like Indianapolis; but we hung out outside and signed autographs got food but then by the time I got in my room and I got comfortable and everything, this girl popped out of the closet! She had been waiting there, her mom worked at the hotel and got her the opportunity and thought it was fine to hang out in my closet and when I got there just pop out. It was great because she a fan obviously but in that sense I was like "where they do that at" where you let your daughter go hang, like how did ya'll come up and think that was a good idea for you to just to hanging out in a grown man's closet hoping to meet him and how did you even know that was going to be my room, I could've switched it at the last minute and it could have been anybody in there. Alongside his business acquisitions and endeavors, Cannon tirelessly gives back to humanity via a plethora of programs like Kidney Walks, St. Mary's Children's Hospital, School Givebacks, Family Fun Day at the Santa Monica Pier or the HALO Awards which rewards youth excellence. On October 1st, Nick personally surprised a North Philly teen, Denzel Austin Thompson, who thought a camera crew was following him around for a documentary entitled "Outstanding Teens," until Nick Cannon rolled up in a golf cart. Cannon showed up to Thompson's urban farm to tell the high schooler that he had won a TeenNick HALO Award, given to teenagers who do exceptional things for their community. The HALO comes with $10,000, an appearance at the awards ceremony and some time with a celebrity mentor. Find out more about Nick Cannon, Ncredible Entertainment and the amazing things this young entertainer, businessman and philanthropist has up his sleeve on his official website