Nick Cannon On Voting, Black Lives Matter & "King Of The Dancehall" Film

Nick is often touted as a jack of all trades and recently he sat down with The Source magazine where he talks about being able to do so many things so well. He also discusses his views on politics, Black Lives Matter, his overall health, and his new movie, King of the Dancehall which will be displayed at this year’s Toronto Film Festival.Check out a bit of the interview below and head over to The Source to read the interview in full.Of all the things you’ve accomplished so far, what accomplishment still puts you in awe?You know what, I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t even pay attention to my efforts as accomplishments because I feel like its an ongoing journey so I mean it’s definitely been some prominent milestones but I don’t look at it like “Oooo, look at what I did!” It’s more like a means to an end. But, I have done a lot of things in my young age that I’ve been the youngest to do this or the first to do this but I can’t really hang my hat on one particular accomplishment.You’re raising an African American son, and I’m sure you’ve thought about the direct conversation and the approach you’ll have to present to him when he gets old enough. What advice and tips will you give him on being and surviving as a Black man in America? I would honestly say it’s all about respect, ultimately. And I know he’s going to demand a certain level of respect and he’s going to offer that up as well so to get that you have to give it and understand your true value and how to conduct yourself as a man — and not even just a Black man, but a man in general. There’s a way that you carry yourself, and unfortunately we’ve been disrespected and devalued for so long. But it’s time to change that. Its time to recondition mindsets and it starts with us. Therefore once we know that we are true kings, and royalty, and queens, then others will have to treat us that way.I do somewhat call myself a conspiracy theorist but I truly believe that it’s a systemic issue that for far too long we’ve been fed this mentality that we’re lesser than. Therefore we’ve operated as such for far too long.