My VIBE Interview

Nick Cannon has thick skin.You have to be tougher than leather when you wear his shoes. The 33-year-old mogul has an internationally known superstar for a wife, makes millions with Nickelodeon, crushes television rating with Wild & Out, and still has time to make rap music for fun. And, Nick is not shy about any of it: "I don’t really care if you buy my album or not, I’m still going to be rich," the rapper told VIBE from his office in Times Square."With his latest comedy album, White People Party Music, in stores today, Mr. Cannon candidly explained his intentions of the project."It was meant as a compliment," Nick told VIBE. "Because White people know how to have fun more than anybody. When you in the club with White people they turn all the way up. But obviously its satire [and] I’m just having fun. I don’t take myself seriously. I always tell people I could have named this album ‘Purple People Party Music’ but it would have been the same album. I knew the title would strike controversy and get people talking. [So] we just want everybody to embrace their inner-White person and have fun with it."Nick will be the first one to tell that you he is all about having a good time when it comes down to rap music."There is no song on this album that’s serious.I mean everything comes from a place of fun, even the single right now "Looking for a Dream" which has a cool inspirational message that Afro Jack produced, but it is still a fun record." says Nick.Even when he found himself drowning in controversy and backlash over his use of "White face" in his a recent video off the album, Nick accepted the hate with open arms."To the people who are offended and sensitive about it--- those aren't the people I’m trying to reach anyway and everybody else who understands my sense of humor sees that there is no malice intent involved. There is a huge difference between humor and hatred. I love the fact that people are having this conversation though because we do have differences.""There is a double standard because our community is still a disenfranchised community," Nick says about racism in America. "I’ll trade you, give us 98% of the wealth of the nation, and you can dress up in any color you wanna dress up in [laughs]. That’s just real talk. You sit back and analyze it, I’m a black dude making white people party music. That shows we've come a long way. Now, if you want to hold us back and accuse us of being racist, that’s your opinion and that’s the beauty of being an American. If you don’t like it, don’t follow me on Instagram, and don’t follow me on Twitter."White People Party Music is available now.