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On Thursday, December 5th Nick will host a DVD release party for his Showtime special  ’F#ck Nick Cannon’. The release party will be held at club WIP in NYC and will feature a DJ set and performance from Mr.

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Nick is on the November/December cover of The Hype Magazine.  Check out the interview below.

Check out Nick's interview with HYPE Magazine who declared him The New Grand Hustler.

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Nick Cannon

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Recently I scribed a tweet that read “ARGHHH! If I see another Damn Slave movie… “ which garnered lots of attention. Some positive and some negative, but attention none the least (which everyone knows I love.)  I am thrilled that this simple tweet sparked so much interest and allowed us all to have a health conversation. Now I feel I should explicate my statements regarding this budding film genre. A lot of people agreed with my emotional opinion that I spewed out in less than 140 characters. While others took my tweets as some un-thought-out ignorant rant that attacked our American History.

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Nick and Mariah shared via their instagram some of the things they have to be grateful for which is: family.

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If you’ve watched Nick’s video for his viral hit song “Me Sexy” then you’ve seen his personal “valet” Guru Venkatesh but what you don’t know is just how Guru Potula became the Jerome to Cannon’s Day.

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