Ncredible Artists

At just 14 years old, Gabi Wilson has already been deemed a child prodigy. The Vallejo, CA native plays five instruments and has been writing and practicing since the age of three.

The vicious flow of Cory Gunz caught the eye of Lil Wayne which in turn led to him being signed to Young Money in late 2010. Peter Cory Pankey Jr., who was raised in the Bronx, New York, is the son of old school rapper Peter Gunz.

Omari Castle (Gennis) was born October 2, 1996 in Long Beach, CA.
Akoye Castle (Tool) was born October 29, 1997 in Berkeley, CA.

Throughout music history there has been a significant influence from boy bands.Beginning in the days of the British Invasion with the Beatles, continuing to Motown with the Jackson 5 and spanning to the 90s with N*Sync, boy bands have taken music to new